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UFC 189: Jose Aldo has conflicting diagnosis on injury, Brazil medical report cites fracture

There are conflicting reports on Jose Aldo's rib injury, one report says he has a fracture, another says just a bone bruise.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like the severity of Jose Aldo's injury varies depending on who you ask. According to doctors in Brazil, the UFC featherweight champ has a broken rib, but those in America say it's just a bone bruise. Nova Uniao head coach Andre Pederneiras spoke about the conflicting reports they got.

"There’s medical report here and an evaluation there. I’m not a doctor to say which one is correct," Pederneiras told the Brazilian media as quoted by MMA Fighting. "I know he’s injured and this rib injury is painful. He’s using an anti-inflammatory and we will wait to see if he gets better."

"He’s under treatment. He did an injection and is under a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment, and is waiting to get better. They take his blood, use only the good plasma, and inject it on the injury. The fight is 15 days away. Doctors say he will get better day after day. We can’t say how he will feel 15 days from now."

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Break or not, Pederneiras says they will find out more when they re-evaluate in a week. Either way, the head coach states that Aldo won't compete if he can't be mobile enough to make 145 lbs.

"If he can’t do any exercise to cut weight, he won’t fight at all. That doesn’t concern me at all," he said. "He’s forbidden to do anything right now. If you move, the injury won’t heal, so he needs to stay to some rest. He’s used to pain but is feeling a lot of pain right now. It’s hard to fight at 100 percent."

"I think Aldo is so superior it won’t make the difference. If he goes to the fight, he will win," Pederneiras said. "I won’t put him in a situation that one punch can end the fight."

According to 'Dede', it wasn't him or his camp who leaked the injury news, citing that it may have been someone in the hospital staff who spoke to the media. Regardless of who it was though, the injury going public has risked that payday with a potentially massive bonus worth millions.