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Conor McGregor predicted Jose Aldo would pull out of UFC 189 fight in 2014

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UFC featherweight title challenger Conor McGregor envisioned complications with the UFC 189 Jose Aldo bout earlier in 2014.

In an unlikely turn of events, just a few weeks out from the UFC 189 spectacle featuring Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor, the most highly anticipated featherweight bout of all-time is in serious jeopardy. Yesterday it was reported that Jose Aldo had suffered a rib injury during a sparring session. The medical results are expected to confirm the severity of Aldo's injury later today and if the 145 lbs. champ has suffered a fracture, it's expected we'll see the Brazilian sidelined from competition until October.

Perhaps McGregor's cunning strategy to enrage Aldo at the UFC world tour earlier in March worked too well. The Dubliner's plan was to trick Aldo into overexerting himself during training, a plan which could have spurred on Aldo's injury.

Channelling his inner Mystic Mac, it appears Conor McGregor predicted difficulties with the bout last year in December. In a 2014 video feature, the brash Irishman envisioned Aldo's withdrawal from the bout and believed Frankie Edgar would rise up to the challenge:

"Now that there's two contenders on the line, myself and Frankie, Jose Aldo's coaches came out and said they want Frankie Edgar, they want the Frankie Edgar fight," McGregor said back in December of 2014. "Now that to me shows fear, why would you want the guy you've already beat?"

"If I'm being honest I can see a fight between myself and Jose being scheduled for a stadium, either Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium but then I could see Jose pulling [out]," McGregor said.

"But I could see Frankie stepping in."

More recently at the UFC 189 media day in Dublin, McGregor reaffirmed his doubts to Irish journalist Niall McGrath:

"All I know is I will show up. That's it. I hope he trains smart, I hope he stays safe...He's pulled out of many contests on US soil. He's only fought his last few fights on Brazilian soil - where there's no commission out there. So, I hope he stays safe, I hope he stays clean, and we will see."

If Aldo's medical results confirm a fractured rib, perhaps we'll see McGregor's bold predictions come true. Frankie Edgar is waiting for the phone call: