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Dan Henderson wants Vitor Belfort or Gegard Mousasi, not Michael Bisping or Tim Kennedy

MMA veteran Dan Henderson isn't interested in facing Michael Bisping or Tim Kennedy.

After crushing Tim Boetsch at UFC Fight Night 68 earlier this month, Dan Henderson is in need of a new opponent. The 18 year MMA veteran was bombarded with calls for retirement prior to his clash with 'The Barbarian', after losing to a murderer's row of light-heavyweight and middleweight contenders. Instead of hanging up the gloves, Hendo laced them up and decimated Tim Boetsch in just 28 seconds.

The H-Bomb was unleashed on Michael Bisping back in 2009 at UFC 100 -- it was the shot heard around the world. Dan Henderson feels his iconic KO of 'The Count' should remain untarnished in the MMA history books, as Hendo is set on making more history against different opponents:

"I don't even think it's worth doing, to have a rematch with him," Henderson said while on The MMA Hour. "I could never top what I did the last time. So why diminish that? Even if I knocked him out again, it wouldn't be nearly as gratifying for the fans as the first time."

The 44-year-old isn't interested in facing Tim Kennedy, either. The proud US ranger respectfully called out Henderson on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, but 'Dangerous' Dan would like a more exciting opponent:

"I think I saw that," Henderson said. "I wasn't overly interested in fighting Tim. I like Tim. He represents the sport well and you know, I just don't think it would be that exciting of a fight for the fans, just with his style and mine."

So, who does Dan Henderson want to face next? According to the former Pride FC champ, he's looking for redemption against Vitor Belfort and Gegard Mousasi. 'The Phenom' became the first fighter to ever KO Henderson when he blasted the Californian with a head kick and followed up with ground and pound at UFC Fight Night 32 in 2013. Mousasi knocked Hendo out a couple of years later at UFC on FOX 14.

The maturing fighter feels Belfort had a significant physical edge with his pharmacologically enhanced body and believes the Mousasi fight was stopped early:

"The two guys I'd like to fight, I guess, would be Vitor and Mousasi. Mousasi, if not for any other reason other than I felt that I didn't get to fight him. And Vitor, yeah, it would be nice to fight him in the states without his doctor as the head of the athletic commission."

"Yeah, physically he looked quite a bit different. His stamina went away pretty quick, as well. You know, I'm sure he works hard, but so do I. My body hasn't changed in 10 years. I'm not exactly sure what's making his body change like that, but it isn't the same thing I was doing."

Vitor Belfort will be looking to spring back into the winner's column after losing in a championship tilt to Chris Weidman at UFC 187 while Mousasi continues to climb the middleweight ladder with a win over Costas Philippou.