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Tweet of the Day: Dustin Poirier picks Conor McGregor to beat Jose Aldo at UFC 189

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Dustin Poirier picks his former opponent in Conor McGregor to win against Jose Aldo.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Former top ranked featherweight Dustin Poirier suffered a tough KO loss to Conor McGregor last year after weeks of intense smack talk leading up to the fight. He has since moved up and looked physically better at lightweight, where he has racked up two impressive first round stoppage wins.

While interacting with fans on twitter, Poirier was asked about his prediction on the upcoming featherweight title fight at UFC 189.

Although he says that bringing in a decorated Karate champ to mimic McGregor's movement "will definitely help", interestingly enough, he still picked his former rival to win the belt.

He also answered a few more questions relating to McGregor. While he did pick the Irishman against Aldo and stated that he believes Conor is "one of" the best guys in the division, he also states that Mendes and Edgar are bad match ups for him.

Also part of his impromptu Q&A with fans, Poirier also picked Luke Rockhold to defeat Chris Weidman.