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Herschel Walker interested in one more professional fight: ‘I’d step back in the cage’

Football legend Herschel Walker revealed that he would be interested in competing once more in mixed martial arts.

Several days ago, ESPN announced that Herschel Walker wanted to become the George Foreman of the NFL and return to the sport. Now, just a couple of days removed from Bellator 138, Walker confirmed that at 53 years old, he was still interested in competing once more in mixed martial arts.

"I'd still fight because I still train," Walker told's Luke Thomas. "I'd step back in the cage and fight a little bit."

Back in September 2009, Walker announced that he had signed with Strikeforce and would begin a training camp at the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) to prepare himself for his first fight the following year. He would defeat Greg Nagy nine months later via technical knockout. One year later, he added another win to his growing resume with a second TKO win against Scott Carson.

"Scott is like family to me. Scott gave me an opportunity to fight and it wasn't just an opportunity. He told me to go get a good training camp in. A mistake is that people think you can just walk off the football field and get right into the cage to fight. Well you can't do it. I'm living proof that you can't do it. I had to go to a training camp for nine months before I got my first fight."

Asked to contrast his love for football and MMA, Walker explained that the thrill of unarmed combat and the minimal room for error makes MMA an unforgiving, albeit exciting sport.

"Even though I love football and it has given me a good life, this is mano a mano. Here you step into that cage and you better not make a mistake. You do one wrong thing and you may be laying out on that canvas."