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Video: Emotional Makwan Amirkhani dedicates submission win to mother in touching moment

Watch Makwan Amirkhani dedicate his submission win to his mother in an emotional, heartfelt moment.

Esther Lin

Makwan Amirkhani wasted little time in his second UFC bout, as he defeated Masio Fullen with an opening round submission victory to advance to 2-0 in the Octagon. Following his win, Amirkhani dedicated his win to his mother in a heartfelt moment in the cage.

Check out Mookie Alexander's play-by-play for the entire fight:

Round 1: Leon Roberts in charge of the final prelim. 10 seconds have elapsed so this is already longer than Amirkhani's last fight. Takedown by Makwan and he's looking to take the back. This might not last long, either. He's got a rear-naked choke. Right arm underneath the chin. Fullen is surviving just barely. Amirkhani tightens it up and Fullen survives no longer, as he furiously taps the floor multiple times over. Mr. Finland with another finish to the delight of the Finnish people.