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The UFC Cutting Room Floor: Tim Elliott and the flyweight gang

Zane Simon takes a look at the UFC roster cuts for the month of June in 2015, most notably the wealth of flyweights no longer in the big show.

The UFC has made it a habit of making updates to the fighters released from their active roster on the first day of every month. It's a welcome departure from the days when they'd just sort of crop up at random some number of weeks after each event. Now, fans (and potentially fighters) know that come the 1st they should be watching for the latest round of cuts. It leads to some awkward situations, like New Year's day cuts, and April Fools cuts, but the consistency is nice. That's not to say we need to glorify or revel in this kind of news, but... MMA is sport (mostly) and, frankly, sports are all about treating athletes like cogs.

Batting averages, QB ratings, depth charts, tournament brackets, all these things are ways of classifying athletes as something other than people-who-do-physical-stuff. For the sake of watching fighters in the UFC, it's nice as a fan to know just who might be fighting at any given time. Who's in what division, what fights are available to them? It's basic sports stuff. So, that's why I'm doing this show, to keep you up to date on just who's in the UFC right now... or not in it, as the case may be.

This month it looks like the UFC cut 10 fighters, including 5 flyweights. Check out the show for more info, and feel free to leave whatever feedback you like. If our Ooyala player isn't working for you, watch the show on YouTube. While you're there, give it a "Like" and remember to subscribe to MMANATIONDOTCOM for more Bloody Elbow interviews and analysis.