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Bellator 138 Fight Video: Bobby Lashley dominates Dan Charles Full Highlights

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Watch how Bobby Lashley dominated Dan Charles at Bellator 138.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Originally supposed to be a rematch against James Thompson, Bobby Lashley instead took on a late replacement in Dan Charles at Bellator 138. The former WWE star constantly took down Charles and it wasn't even a competitive match up with the wrestling and strength difference. Here's a snippet from our live blog of the contest.

Round 2 - Lashley bullrushes for a takedown. Charles looked for a triangle but got slammed for his troubles. Lashley's on Charles' back again, doing little. Knees. Tossed him to the mat again. Charles back to his feet. Rinse. Repeat. Lashley finally opened up with a little GnP, but...back to the slam/up/knees routine. This is like a video game where the player only knows how to hit three of the buttons. To be fair though, if this was a video game, I'd return it. Charles is just turtled up while Lashley throws slow single punches. The ref finally stopped it in anti-climactic fashion.

Bobby Lashley defeats Dan Charles by TKO (strikes), 4:14 of round two

Watch several clips from the bout below: