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Dana White on Reebok deal: 'People are just freaked out about change'

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Dana White says all the complaints about Reebok just stems from people freaking out about change in the company.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Since the official Reebok dollar figures came out, a lot of fighters have voiced their displeasure about it. There are high profile fighters such as Jose Aldo bluntly saying the deal is 'shit', top contenders such as Miesha Tate and Gegard Mousasi saying that they will lose about 90% of their income, while guys like Brendan Schaub states that it's not even worth it financially to fight anymore.

According to Dana White, all of that is simply stems from people being afraid of change.

"Lots of complaints with Reebok, but Reebok is the deal. People are just freaked out about change around here," White said on a recent live Periscope chat.

"If you look throughout the history of this company, every time there’s change, people freak out. That Reebok deal is going to be great for everybody."

While there are those like Demetrious Johnson and Joanna Jedrzejczyk, who say they're happy with the deal, there seems to be a massive outpour of frustration and discontent over the deal for the most part.

After hearing all the different reasons for displeasure from fighters, is it fair to say it's all just a fear of change? It seems like an oversimplification to me, but at this point, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if fighters sing a different tune after it's officially implemented on July 1st.