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Video: Ken Shamrock's Bellator 138 open workout and interview

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Watch Ken Shamrock workout in preparation of his Bellator 138 bout against Kimbo Slice.

Ken Shamrock hosted a training session for the media on Wednesday at the Scott Air Force Base. Seen above is a clip of the said event where the UFC Hall-of-Famer did a few workouts, rolled on the ground, and had light pad work. Also seen below, is an interview with Luke Thomas as he spoke to the 51-year-old out to make a comeback against Kimbo Slice.

Shamrock spoke about various topics such as being held back by all the 'entitlements' he had after all he accomplished early in his career, and how he adjusted his training camp now that he's older.

If you're having trouble watching the videos, you can also view them on YouTube here: Shamrock Open Workout | Shamrock Interview