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Floyd Mayweather willing to face on Oscar De La Hoya in September

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Oscar De La Hoya spoke about a possible comeback, and now Floyd Mayweather seems to want another crack at him.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya recently spoke about considering a return from retirement. According to him, "there's not one day that passes that I don't think about coming back". The Golden Boy also stated that if he did return, he would want to fight 'the very best'.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has heard this, and the top pound-for-pound boxer has since called out a now 42-year-old.

"I see Oscar talking that he's coming back. If he wants to, we can rock-and-roll in September. We can do it at '54, he knows that. He said he wanted a rematch. If Oscar wants it, he can."

Mayweather is fresh of a lackluster victory over Manny Pacquiao, and has since stated that he will have his final retirement bout on September 12. While most expected him to face a top guy, it seems like many of the other fighters out there, he'd rather take an easy money grab.

'Money' is his monicker after all, and facing an older guy who already looked shot 7 years ago is the easiest rout to get that and retire undefeated.

There's a potential caveat though. When Oscar said he wanted to compete, he mentioned wanting to face someone "that wants to fight him back", and he wasn't exactly complimentary of Mayweather's "running style" against Manny.

But who knows? Money talks, and there would surely be people still willing to pay for a gross mismatch. After all, MMA revived that 2008 match up between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock, maybe boxing one-ups everyone with this rematch from 2007.