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Carlos Condit wants title shot next, picking Rory MacDonald to beat Robbie Lawler

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UFC welterweight contender Carlos Condit has his sights set on the 170 lbs. title and thinks Rory MacDonald will beat Robbie Lawler at UFC 189.

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'The Natural Born Killer', Carlos Condit made an emphatic return to the Octagon earlier in May when he put a violent beatdown on Muay Thai wrecking machine Thiago Alves at UFC Fight Night 67. The bout with Alves marked Condit's first fight in over a year, as the Albuquerque native had suffered a torn ACL from defending a take down midway through the Tyrone Woodley fight at UFC 171.

With a hot win over 'Pitbull', Condit has his crosshairs locked on the welterweight title. Robbie Lawler will defend the 170 lbs. strap against former opponent Rory MacDonald in co-main event for UFC 189 on July 11th. As the #4 ranked welterweight fighter in the world and former interim champion, Condit is focused on reclaiming promotional gold and expects to face Rory MacDonald in a rematch for the championship:

"He's looked so good in his recent fights," Condit said. His first fight [against Lawler] he was very conservative. I think he's going to open up a little bit. And I think that he's going to take it. Whoever has the title after Lawler and Rory fight, I want that guy."

Carlos Condit and Rory MacDonald electrified the Rogers Arena with a thrilling back-and-forth scrap in 2010 at UFC 115, which saw NBK attack MacDonld with a murderous onslaught of ground and pound in the third round. Condit's berserk last minute blitz saw the former WEC champion snatch a TKO victory over MacDonld in the dying stages of the bout.

Rory MacDonald also fought Robbie Lawler in a pulsating battle at UFC 167 in 2013. Lawler was able to steal a split decision victory over MacDonald, a victory that catapulted the 14-year MMA veteran into a title shot with Johny Hendricks. Both welterweight studs will rematch in a championship tilt on July 11 at UFC 189.

(Transcripts via MMAWeekly)