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Video: CM Punk returns to pro-wrestling, loses to singer Frank Turner

CM Punk returned to his pro wrestling roots for Frank Turner's music video.

Former WWE star CM Punk recently took a break from training full time in MMA to return to his pro-wrestling roots. Featured in Frank Turner's latest music video called 'The Next Storm', Punk faces off and eventually gets pinned by the acoustic folk star.

Watch the clip above where Punk also mixed in a few of his BJJ submissions.

Punk recently tweeted about Turner as well, saying "I want a rematch" and "No. I'd like to kick his ass" when he was asked if he was a fan of the popular singer.

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CM Punk was signed by the UFC on December of 2014. He has been training with Rufousport since then, but still has no date set for his MMA debut just yet. In fact, he doesn't seem to be in a rush as the 36-year-old recently went on the record to say that he'd be fine if his debut gets pushed back to 2016.