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Eddie Alvarez would take a fight against Nate Diaz but thinks he is a ‘step backwards’

Former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez revealed that he would accept a fight against Nate Diaz even though he believes it would be a step back for him.

Once on civil terms with the Diaz Brothers, Eddie Alvarez found himself in a different situation entirely last Friday when he attempted to weigh in with Nate Diaz staring him down with bad intentions. Aware that Diaz was mean-mugging him for the sake of his teammate, Alvarez asked for an explanation from Diaz. When he was offered nothing but profanity in return, he stated, "If you're really gonna be like that, then you're f*cking next."

A few days later, Alvarez recounted the story on The MMA Hour.

"When I went there to Mexico, Nate just kind of changed his tune completely," Alvarez told Ariel Helwani. "I guess that's how he is when you're fighting one of his teammates. I get it. He takes this sh*t personal, he takes it serious. I get it, but I thought it was kind of weird."

While Alvarez is more than willing to sign a bout agreement against Diaz if a fight is offered, he made it clear that he considers the Stockton native a step back with regards to his own title aspirations.

"He'd honestly be a step backward right now and considering he hasn't really been active it just wouldn't make sense," Alvarez said. "I never pick fights. If I get a bout agreement in the mail, I'll sign it. I'm just letting you know that."

However, Alvarez still can't fathom why Diaz had developed such a problem with him.

"He said some dumb sh*t like that and was looking at me," Alvarez said. "It's foolish. It's really stupid. If that's what gets him to the fight and gets him riled up, then whatever. He just hasn't been fighting, and I think he has a lot of pent up stuff or whatever his deal is. It's whatever. It happened and it's over with."

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