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Joanna Jedrzejczyk to Penne: 'I'm coming for you, Jessica! You're going to feel the Polish power'

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The UFC strawweight champion and her challenger fire shots at each other before title fight at UFC Berlin.

Whoever saw Joanna Jedrzejczyk's last fight, where she destroyed Carla Esparzaand captured the UFC strawweight gold, knows that the Polish Muay Thai specialist is no one to screw around with. Jedrzejczyk arguably was able to break Esparza before the fight even started, with cold-as-ice comments and frightening antics at the press conference and weigh-in staredowns.

Anyhow, her first challenger Jessica Penne still wants to play mind games before their big fight this Saturday at UFC Fight Night: Berlin, the first ever UFC title bout to be televised exclusively on Fight Pass. A couple of weeks ago, on The MMA Hour, Penne fired the first shots by promising to submit the Polish wrecking machine. Jedrzejczyk answered with a picture, she posted on her Twitter last Sunday, where she enjoys a plate of penne pasta, asking if anyone "wants Penne".

A little verbal jab, that Penne obviously didn't find very funny. She immediately responded via Instagram, where she compared the champion to Lord of the Rings character Gollum and told her to get "used to eating that penne pasta", before "eating this Penne's punches" on Saturday. When Jedrzejczyk was confronted with the post on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour, she smiled.

"I've got some new aces in my pocket and she's going to be surprised, really," Jedrzejczyk promised. "She's a pretty good fighter, and she's No. 3 in the rankings, so I think she's the right person. So I'm very happy. It's going to be a very interesting fight for me, for her, and for you... because I'm very good. I'm a champion."

Asked about the trash-talking aspect of the MMA business, Jedrzejczyk stated she likes "this game before the fight" and delivered another message in Penne's direction:

"I'm coming, Jessica. You [haven't] had that good of opponents in the cage. You're going to feel the Polish power. I am coming. I am the champion and I am coming. I'm coming for you, Jessica."

You can watch the whole interview above.

(Transcription via MMA Fighting)