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Nate Diaz doesn’t understand how Eddie Alvarez won the fight: ‘His whole face is broken’

UFC lightweight Nate Diaz cannot fathom how the judges scored the UFC 188 co-main event for Eddie Alvarez.

The UFC 188 co-main event saw an intriguing lightweight contest between former Strikeforce champion Glibert Melendez and former Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez. It was a back-and-forth affair that saw momentum shifts during the three-round encounter, but in the end, the judges awarded the victory to Alvarez, who fought the majority of the contest with one eye swollen shut.

While few questioned the split decision after the fight, former title challenger Nate Diaz came to his teammate's defence during a post-fight interview with's Ariel Helwani. Diaz explained that Melendez won the first two rounds of the fight, which would automatically secure the victory.

"Gilbert Melendez won rounds one and two. I don' think Alvarez did much of anything so I don't know how he won that fight. He broke his face shit - his whole face is broken. Melendez was ready to go afterwards and Eddie was in the hospital. You tell me how that works."

Asked about whether the altitude affected Melendez's performance, Diaz admit it may have been an added hindrance to Melendez, as well as all the fighters on the card.

"I think the altitude kind of messed with everybody, it looked like. I don't think it helped at all."

While unwilling to delve into his next fight, Diaz claimed that Alvarez was interested in a fight with him next but was not convinced that he would follow through on his call out.

"He said he wants to see me next. Does he want that? Obviously not. He's at the hospital. If any of these guys [Pettis, Alvarez] want to man up and fight the real fighter then we can get it. But I don't think anyone wants that, so..."