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UFC 188: Velasquez vs. Werdum live results, play by play and discussion for preliminary card

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Top-to-bottom coverage of the UFC 188 pay-per-view including live play by play and results of the preliminary card, capped off with a flyweight clash between Henry Cejudo and Zach Makovsky.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live play-by-play and discussion for UFC 188: Velasquez vs. Werdum. The heavyweight and interim heavyweight belts will be unified in the main event, as Cain Velasquez takes on Fabricio Werdum. In the co-main, lightweights Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez tangle in a Strikeforce vs. Bellator showdown.

This is your hub for all of the play-by-play and results for the UFC 188 preliminary card, which starts off with featherweights Clay Collard and Gabriel Benitez and concludes with flyweight contender Henry Cejudo versus Chico Camus. The preliminary card broadcast begins on Fight Pass at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT (due to Albert Tumenov/Andrew Todhunter being called off) and continues on FX at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

Follow the UFC 188 main card play-by-play and complete results

Feel free to check out this week's MMA Vivisection for detailed analysis and predictions of the whole event. Following the completion of the preliminary card, Bloody Elbow will provide play-by-play of the pay-per-view main card.

Kid Nate will be on hand for the play-by-play. Check out the bout order below:

Fight Pass prelims (7 PM ET)

Gabriel Benitez vs. Clay Collard - Featherweights

Round 1: Benitez drops Collard immediately with a big left but Collard pops right back up. Stumbles him with a leg kick then follows up with a body kick to Collard's midsection. Collard answers with a few kicks of his own. Eats a straight left from Benitez. A Collard uppercut to Benitez goes low and forces a break. Benitez comes out hard after the break. Collard charges into a guillotine. Benitez goes to guard in mid-air. Loses it. Collard on top. Takes the back. Benitez rolls over but Collard still on the back, hunting for the RNC. Benetiz fights to his knees. Throws some elbows back. Benitez stands up. Collard still with double unders around his man. Gets the suplex. They land in a weird position. Scramble back to the feet. Hard one to score. 10-10 on my card.

Round 2: Benitez misses with a spinning kick. Lands another left followed by a body kick and a hard leg kick. Collard missing when he fires back. Both men slowing. Collard stumbles from an inside leg kick that caught him coming in behind a punch. Benitez lands another sharp left then follows with another to the body. Collard shoots and gets Benitez down. Scramble to the cage and right back up. Benitez hurts Collard with another body shot. Collard immediately takes him down. Benitez lands some shots before getting back up. Collard backing away. Eats a knee to the body. Collard bleeding from the forehead. Left hook to the body. Another. Collard looks exhausted. Clear 10-9 for Benitez.

Round 3: They touch gloves to open. Collard still winging and missing more often than not. Benitez landing with kicks to the legs and the body, seasoned with hard left hand shots. Collard hurt by a leg kick, catches the kick but basically falls to the ground, dragging Benitez down with him. Benitez turns and takes top position. In Collard's guard. Collard manages to reverse and nearly takes Benitez' back but they're stalled out in a sitting position with 30 seconds left. Collard throwing soft, sluggish punches trying to open up his defenses and get the RNC. Benitez thumbs up as the buzzer rings. 10-9 and 30-28 for Gabriel Benitez on my card.

Official Result: Gabriel Benitez def. Clay Collard via unanimous decision (30-27x3)


Augusto Montano vs. Cathal Pendred - Welterweights

Round 1: Montano charging in and out but not landing. "Dodger" Montano living up to the nickname early, staying on his bike and keeping away from Pendred who lumbers after him. Pendred lands a kick and shoots in. Fighting for the take down against the cage. They break. Pendred fires a spinning kick, misses. Montano begins to land. Sharp side kick to Pendred's gut. Front kick lands. Pendred charges, spins, misses badly on some punches. Montano falls from a slip but Pendred can't capitalize. Pendred calling Montano out, stands with his arms to the sides to bait Montano. Montano attempts a flying knee. Pendred gets double unders, forces it to the cage. Bleh round I guess I'll go 10-9 Montano.

Round 2: Ref Herb Dean warns Montano for timidity before the round starts. Threatens to take points. Pendred lands a pair of leg kicks. Pendred charges in and eats a hard right. Pops up and forces another clinch. Gets double unders, has his man against the cage, fighting for the take down. Finally forces Montano down to his back. Montano has wrist control on Pendred's left hand. Pendred trying to get a front choke. Montano back to his feet, lands a big knee to the body. Pendred pushes back to the clinch, gets Montano back to the ground. Up, then a trip back down. Back up with Pendred riding his back and back to the ground. Pendred landing punches to the ribs from Montano's half guard. Pendred working for a front choke again has Montano's neck pinned and bent very far forward before he pops his head free. Pendred spins to the back. Lands some soft blows. Montano stands up but Pendred sticks to him and the clinch resumes. Montano lands another knee. 10-9 Pendred to even it up.

Round 3:  Montano looks exhausted going into the final round. Montano with a side kick to open. Montano misses a knee but lands a right. Pendred forces another clinch against the cage. Montano fights to cage center and breaks with a knee. Montano missing with a variety of kicks. Both men very slow. Pendred charges, eats a knee. Then manages to force the clinch, eating an elbow on the way in. Montano working for the double wrist lock. Gets free, fires off a punch-punch-kick combo on the break. Pendred lands an outside leg kick. Crowd restive. Snapless side kick from Montano. Another. Pendred baits him to fight again. Montano slips. Pendred whiffs. Hard round to score. Glad this one is over. Wish I could score it 9-9 on my card but that's not allowed. Second round should win it for Pendred but quite possible he could lose if the judges scored the first and third for Montano.

Official Result: Cathal Pendred def. Augusto Montano via unanimous decision (29-28x3).

Follow the UFC 188 main card play-by-play and complete results

FX Prelims (8 PM ET)

Johnny Case vs. Frank Trevino - Lightweights

Round 1: Trevino opens with an inside leg kick. Case charges forward behind a nice punch-kick-punch combo. Catches a Trevino side kick and lands some sharp punches then slips out of range. Backing Trevino up and landing punches. Misses with a big uppercut and eats a Trevino counter right. Case backing Trevino up at will, landing uppercuts. Another uppercut, left hook combo glances Trevino. Eye poke gets a scream out of Case. Immediate break. Ref Big John McCarthy has Case stand and go to the corner. Replay shows it was a nasty grazing eyepoke with a straight open-handed right. They bring in the doc to check the eye. Mark Ratner says its an accidental foul. Case is sitting down with his left eye completely closed. Says he can see. Action resumes. Trevino immediately pawing with an open-handed right. Case gets a take down lands in Trevino's half guard. Quickly gets mount. Trevino reverses. Case looking for a guillotine from full guard. Gets the sweep. Now in Trevino's full guard. Trevino landing some elbows, controlling Case's arms. Goes for an armbar. Case escaping as the bell rings. 10-9 Case.

Round 2: Case still squinting as the round opens. Case lands two right kicks to the body. Trevino calls for more. Case firing punches and kicks. Puts Trevino down briefly, more of a shove than a drop. Case gets a take down. Lands in Trevino's guard. They're rolling around. Case gets Trevino's back. Trevino has wrist control on Case's left but loses it. Case working for the RNC. Loses a hook but gets a front choke. Drops to his back for the guillotine attempt, loses it. Trevino stands in Case's guard. Passes. Case on his knees, Trevino in front headlock position, lands a knee to the ribs. Case back to his feet. Case still blinking his left eye. Both men are breathing heavy and moving slow. Case shoots and Trevino scrambles and nearly reverses. Very close round. 10-10 I guess.

Round 3: Case's corner tells him he's up by two rounds, suggests coasting in the clinch. Always bad advice. Case again claiming cage center. They're hand fighting. Trevino lands a soft left. Crowd whistling and booing. Case lands a hard straight and uppercut, backing Trevino up. These guys are exhausted. All strikes slow and soft now. Case gets another take down. Trevino attacking the right arm, looking for double wrist lock. Loses it as Case passes guard. Trevino reclaims full guard. Case stands and fires down. Trevino rolls, gives up his back. Case gets both hooks in. Trevino out the back door, gets standing body lock. They toddle to the cage. Trevino landing knees to the legs. Time winding down. Case throws him off. Case moving forward as the buzzer rings. Immediately grabs his eye. Crowd boos. Another meh bout. I guess I'll give this one to Case and the fight.

Official Result: Johnny Case def. Frank Trevino via unanimous decision (30-27x3).

Follow the UFC 188 main card play-by-play and complete results

Alejandro Perez vs. Patrick Williams - Bantamweights

Round 1: Williams opens with a sharp right hand. A hurtful uppercut. Follows up with more rights. Drops Perez. Gets him in a no-arm-in standing guillotine and chokes him right out! The fastest submission finish in UFC/WEC bantamweight history according to Goldberg.

Official Result: Patrick Williams def. Alejando Perez via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:23 of Round 1.


Drew Dober vs. Efrain Escudero - Lightweights

Round 1: Dober pawing with jabs and moving on the outside. They both throw high kicks and Dober slips. Escudero pounces and applies a standing guillotine choke. No arms in. Gets the tap! Escudero wins by submission!

Official Result: Efrain Escudero def. Drew Dober via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:54 of Round 1.

Follow the UFC 188 main card play-by-play and complete results

Chico Camus vs. Henry Cejudo - Flyweights

Round 1: Camus lands first. Cejudo reaches for a single, gets air. Backs Camus up with an overhand right. Cejudo gets the clinch, forces Camus to the cage. Knees to the thighs. They break. Camus briefly drops Cejudo with a right. Camus lands a front kick to the chest. Cejudo shoots, gets stuffed, converts it to a standing clinch against the cage. More knees to the thighs. They break. Cejudo fires a high kick. Camus lands a left hook. Another clinch initiated by Cejudo, backs his man to the cage. Drops for a single and Camus escapes easily. Cejudo lands a left, eats one. Cejudo forces him back against the cage again. Camus knees Cejudo to the body. Cejudo shoots and Camus stuffs it again. Lands a kick. Cejudo forces another clinch. Elevates a leg and shifts to a big left that misses. Cejudo throws Camus up and slams him down but Camus is right back up. I have it for Camus 10-9.

Round 2: Camus comes out firing. Cejudo fires back. Cejudo lands a right. A 1-2. Cejudo backing him up, forces another clinch. Crowd chanting for Cejudo. They trade punches on the break. Camus lands a right. Back to cage center. Cejudo misses a kick. Another clinch initiated by Cejudo. Back to cage center. Trading blows. Camus getting the better of the exchanges. Cejudo fires a high kick. Another shot stuffed by Camus. Clinch again. Cejudo lands foot stomps and knees. Camus forces a break. Clinch. Break. Cejudo kicks and Camus catches it. Camus cut over the left eye. Backs Cejudo up with some punches. 10-9 again for Camus. Could easily go to Cejudo for aggression.

Round 3: They trade a left hook for a sharp right early. Cejudo lands a left. Cejudo forces a clinch. Camus breaks and lands a right. Eye poke on Camus who takes a break. Back to action. Cejudo shoots, stuffed again. Camus fights his way off the cage. Cejudo forces another clinch and pushes Camus back against the cage. Cejudo lands a hard combo against the cage. Camus fights his way out and they clinch in the middle. Break. Cejudo lands a hard combo. Knee-punch combo for Cejudo. Camus initiates a clinch and forces Cejudo against the cage. Working for the take down against the Olympic medalist. Cejudo reverses. Knee to the body. Camus fights free. They trade rights. Cejudo drops him with 30 seconds left. Follows Camus down. Ends the bout in top position. 10-9 for Cejudo. I have it 2-1 for Camus but expect Cejudo to win a decision.

Official Result: Henry Cejudo def. Chico Camus via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27x2).