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Luke Rockhold: Fabricio Werdum 'fights like a coward'

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Luke Rockhold was on hand for the UFC 188's media day and he had some interesting things to say about his upcoming title shot and about Fabricio Werdum.

Luke Rockhold is going to be your next UFC middleweight title contender, in case you didn't already know. But, at the moment, he's hanging out around UFC 188 down in Mexico, to give Cain Velasquez a training partner, and to talk to the media about that upcoming title shot of his. Rockhold recently spoke to Ariel Helwani about getting his chance at UFC gold and about just when the fight might go down.

"I don't know everything. I don't know much more than what you know. I know that, I think it's going... There's a bill going in the Senate, right? For next week. Assembly. So hopefully, I have my fingers crossed, hopefully we can get the votes and we can pass and we can take this bitch to Madison Square Garden."

That puts the bout all the way out until December and in Weidman's home state, but that's not something that seems to be worrying Rockhold:

"I would love nothing more. I think it's a great matchup, it's a great way to kick off Madison Square. You got me and Chris, east coast/west coast, Biggie vs. Pac."

But, Chris Weidman isn't the only fighter on Rockhold's mind at the moment. It appears that Fabricio Werdum's recent antics, in which he called out Velasquez for being less Mexican than him, have really gotten under the skin of the AKA fighters. Daniel Cormier recently went off about it, and Luke Rockhold was, if anything, even less reserved:

"Werdum's just a delusional, self absorbed, fake person, fake champ. And he's a joke. I just don't... He fights like a coward. If I ever had to resort to butt scooting to try to win a fight, I'd retire and go hide under a rock."

Apparently Werdum and Rockhold have some bad blood that the middleweight fighter wouldn't go into, but it sounds like a Rockhold has a serious dislike for the interim heavyweight champ from Brazil.