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Following 14-month prison stint, Reza Madadi re-signs with the UFC

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After spending 14 months in Swedish jail for burglary, Reza Madadi has re-signed with the UFC.

After announcing that he had "lost everything" following a 14-month stint in Swedish jail, Reza Madadi is once again a UFC fighter.

Madadi, who holds a 2-1 UFC record and last fought in April 2013 when he defeated lightweight standout Michael Johnson, announced on social media that he had re-signed with the promotion. His management team, Mano Management, confirmed the news with

Nearly two years ago, three unidentified men robbed an expensive boutique handbag store in Stockholm, Sweden before driving off in their black Audi. Soon afterwards, Madadi was arrested for the burglary, even though he adamantly maintained his innocence throughout the arrest. However, it did little to protect him from the coming 14 months that he was forced to endure in Swedish prison for a crime he claims he didn't commit.

The lightweight appeared on The MMA Hour recently to detail his personal struggles over the past couple of years.

"I had my car outside of that garage and I wanted to pick up my car, because we wanted to go to Russia, me and some guys from my club, Allstars gym," Madadi told's Ariel Helwani on the show. "They arrested me outside of that garage because the garage was involved in that smash and grab. And I never thought I was going to go to jail... but now I'm here and that is my past."

"The day after, I was in some jail. They drove me in a police car and my life changed. They cut my UFC contract. I lost my job, I couldn't see my wife when she was pregnant. I lost money. Everything. I lost everything over one night. Everything I've been working for 34, 35 years."

A timeline for Madadi's official return to the Octagon is yet to be established.