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Jose Aldo's random urine sample discarded because NAC collector didn't have work visa

From the tales of the truly bizarre, an NAC licensed drug tester has about a week to leave Brazil due to his visa not allowing him to work in the country and test UFC 189 headliner Jose Aldo.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 189 headliner and reigning featherweight champion Jose Aldo submitted a urine sample today in Brazil as ordered by the Nevada Athletic Commission, but it ended up being thrown out. So what exactly caused such a stir over standard out-of-competition testing? Was the cup mishandled? Was there a leakage in the container? Nope, the collector didn't have a work permit.

In an incredibly bizarre story, Drug Free Sport Lab's Ben Mosier arrived at Nova Uniao to collect a urine sample from Aldo, but according to Combate, Mosier didn't have any identification that linked him to the Nevada Athletic Commission. MMA Fighting's Guilherme Cruz also adds that the COO of Brazil's athletic commission called the federal police and it was discovered that Mosier only had a business visa and not a work visa.

Ben Mosier from Drug Free Sport lab went to Nova Uniao on Thursday morning to collect urine sample from the 145-pound champion, but Aldo's manager, Andre Pederneiras, was suspicious about the man. Aldo gave Mosier the urine sample, but Pederneiras contacted the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) about the test, and CABMMA officials informed Pederneiras that they were not informed by it either.

According to Pederneiras, CABMMA COO Cristiano Sampaio contacted the Brazilian federal police and met Pederneiras, Aldo, and Mosier at Nova Uniao. They learned that Mosier is licensed by the Nevada Athletic Commission, however his visa doesn't allow him to work in Brazil. Mosier was issued a $130 dollar fine and has been given eight days to leave the country.

So with the urine sample since discarded, Aldo will be re-tested on Friday ... by the CABMMA. Aldo provided this gem of a quote to Combate regarding his testing:

"That's normal," Aldo told Combate. "We reached a point in this sport that not only me, but every fighter has to go through this. This is my first time in Brazil. I think the Brazilian commission should be the one handling this, for the fact that I live here. But that's not an issue. It's nothing for me. Fight, pee, it's the same thing to me."

Aldo will face Conor McGregor in the UFC 189 main event on July 11th. These two have traded PED accusations, with one accusing the other. No doubt that this very odd scene will be used as more material by Mr. McGregor.

UPDATE: Cristiano Sampaio has released this statement to MMA Fighting, indicating that the sample collected on Friday will be sent to the same lab as originally planned by the NAC.

"We authorized Ben's presence to watch out collecting process to show one more time how serious is our doping control," Sampaio said. "The important is to show that there are no borders in this process, and commissions around the world can work together in this mission to keep the sport clean, in out-of-competition tests or not. NSAC asked us to help them in this situation and we will be following up with Aldo's test tomorrow."