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Ronaldo Jacare doesn't think Rockhold getting title shot is 'fair'

Ronaldo Souza believes he was ahead of Luke Rockhold in the middleweight title run, feels like his work is not appreciated enough.

Ronaldo Souza
Ronaldo Souza
Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

As it was to be expected, Ronaldo Souza was none too happy about Luke Rockhold getting a title shot at middleweight champion Chris Weidman before him. As he spoke to Portal do Vale Tudo in Rio de Janeiro, Jacare thinks the whole thing just isn't fair, as he believes Rockhold was behind him in the title run.

"I didn't think it was fair. I thought Rockhold had to beat me or wait for my turn before he could fight for the title. That's the reality, it could not have been another way. Unfortunately, what happened was different and we'll have to do another fight."

As for the reasons the UFC had to put Rockhold against Weidman and not himself, Jacare just can't explain and feels like he has no choice but to respect their policy.

"They have their policy and we must respect it. We are UFC employees, but sometimes things don't go our way.  I'm happy despite what happened, which bummed me out a little. Sometimes I wonder why people don't give credit to our work. My fight with Rockhold was a five round battle and people make fun of me. They don't know how tough he is. Sometimes a loss will happen even if it's by the hand of the judges. We must come back stronger. I'm eager to fight and always ready. Give me an opponent and I will walk through him."

Ronaldo Souza is on a five fight winning streak which recently included a first round armbar win over late replacement opponent, Chris Camozzi, in April.