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UFC 188: Velasquez vs Werdum - Idiot's Guide Preview to Yair Rodriguez vs Charles Rosa

David Castillo breaks down the three things you need to know about Rodriguez vs Rosa for UFC 188 in Mexico, and everything you don't about paying tribute to the late Sir Christopher Lee.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Two not that evenly matched featherweights put their inexperience to the test this June 13, 2015 at the Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Match Up

Featherweight Yair Rodríguez 4-1 vs. Charles Rosa 10-1

The Odds

Featherweight Yair Rodríguez +190 vs. Charles Rosa -230

3 Things You Should Know

1.'Pantera' Rodriguez took the Ultimate Fighter:Latin America Featherweight crown. Wearing it in a division where it has no value will be the challenge.

It's tough for these international show winners because they're usually in for the rudest awakenings; they've faced inferior competition, and are thus less prepared for the inevitable step up in competition. Luckily for Rodriguez, he's only 22 years old. And he has the foundation for a lengthy career ahead of him with his tall, lanky frame and active kickboxing. However, fighting Rosa, who already has Dennis Siver on his dance card, qualifies as the step up in competition international winners should fear.

2. For a chef, Rosa is a really good fighter.

Rosa has always displayed a unique style and base, which is why for as much as people winced at his strength of competition in his debut against Siver, nonetheless still knew he'd have something to offer. Rosa is coming off a third round submission win over Sean Soriano. He'll be looking to continue his impressive ways, but he has to avoid underestimating Rodriguez first.

3. Both guys are similar, but don't expect either one to hold back. Both pressure well, and in a variety of ways.

Rodriguez is actually kind of fascinating to watch. While he's capable of fighting at range, his method of getting inside can be a little unorthodox; you rarely see front kicks and side kicks used aggressively but Rodriguez attempts it with flair. He owns a wide variety of strikes in general, including a counter flying knee (!).

His punching is what you might call 'authoritative'. His defense is a bit porous, but he throws his combinations with conviction and doesn't always overcommit.

Rosa, meanwhile, will be looking to take this fight to the ground. Like Justin Scoggins, his karate base and bladed style are not used for sustained exchanges on the feet like you might assume. Instead its used to compliment his ground pressure, and ability to scramble for submissions. Rosa should be able to wrestle Rodriguez to the ground, and I don't expect him to take a ton of time doing it.


Charles Rosa by RNC, round 2.

PS: As an aside, whether or not this is the appropriate place, it's worth mentioning for those don't know that Sir Christopher Lee...Part Wicker Man, part Dracula, part Saruman, former real life Nazi war criminal hunter, and all around metal badass...just passed. A true legend.