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UFC 188 Video: Cain Velasquez lost respect for 'two-faced' Fabricio Werdum

Cain Velasquez isn't happy with Fabricio Werdum's latest statements.

Cain Velasquez will be looking to unify the UFC heavyweight titles when he returns from a long layoff to face interim champ Fabricio Werdum. After being polite and respectful during their stint as coaches at the Ultimate Fighter up until fight week, Werdum started to take a few jabs at Velasquez.

One comment particularly irked Velasquez, when his opponent called him 'an American that thinks he's Mexican'.

The long tenured UFC champ wasn't happy and called Werdum 'two-faced' for trying to be nice to him the following day. Watch the clip above for his comments on the matter. For more coverage from the UFC 188 PPV check it out below:

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