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UFC 188: Velasquez vs. Werdum - Idiot's Guide Preview to Tecia Torres vs Angela Hill

David Castillo breaks down the three things you need to know about Torres vs. Hill at UFC 188 in Mexico, and everything you don't about what this has to do with Burger King spokesman, Amir Sadollah.

Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The gladiatorial women of strawweight look to get the main party started this June 13, 2015 at the Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Match Up

Women's Strawweight Tecia Torres 5-0 vs. Angela Hill 2-0

The Odds

Women's Strawweight Tecia Torres -310 vs. Angela Hill +255

3 Things You Should Know

1. Tecia Torres looks to rebound from violently wasting her time in the cage against Angela Magana.

Torres was one of the better fighters on the Ultimate Fighter 20 cast. In fact, I'd still maintain that it was a minor travesty that she didn't get a 3rd round against Carla Esparza. Emphasizing a fighter's mental strength can feel a little extraneous. After all, a fighter can be utterly bonkers, and still be effective in the cage. Others can seem calm, and yet embarrass themselves in defeat. Nonetheless, I was impressed with the way Torres handled the mean girl drama on TUF. Perhaps her appreciation for Bruce Lee runs deeper than an instagram meme.

At 25 years of age, Torres still has time to untap any further potential. It's an uplifting thought for Torres fans when you consider that she's already quite talented, and well rounded.

2. Angela Hill is a little like Matt Mtrione; with enough improvement, she could end up fighting the bulk of her career inside the UFC.

Hill is a little too old to be considered a prospect, but it's clear that she's improving her game from fight to fight. It's difficult to gauge her status at this point. The raw materials are there, but it may be a case of 'too little, too late'. I don't think so. But I wouldn't agree with the Mitrione comparison. She's more like Amir Sadollah in my opinion; enough time to improve and pick up wins, but not enough to carve her own territory in the division. I'm skeptical, but if nothing else, her opponents would be foolish to underestimate her.

3. Torres is the rightful favorite, but staying out of the clinch will be key, while Hill needs to be more active at range in order to win.

Torres does a lot of things well. She's very good at phase shifting, and every part of her game is polished. She throws quick, technical combinations when rushing in, but she's not inert at range despite her reach disadvantage because she keeps her legs active with an array of kicks to the thighs, body, and head.

She's fantastic at staying upright. Her scrambling could use more work; her athleticism serves her well, but her fundamentals are a bit off. Thankfully for Torres she won't have to work on this part of her game. Hill is a traditional Muay Thai striker. She relishes close quarter combat and the ability to carve an opponent up with some patella pulverization.

Emily Kagan had little to offer her once it became clear that Kagan wasn't gonna be able to take her down. But Hill is also incredibly raw. Despite her power, she doesn't have much speed at range, and relies a little too heavily on being able to collar tie her way to victory. In addition, while she's good in the clinch, she's too prone to being tied up there. Yes, she wants the fight in close, but there are times when she needs to set up her strikes, and opponents too easily close the distance on her. Torres, who is far more advanced than Kagan, will be able to close the distance and grind her way to victory if need be.


Torres by Decision