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Urijah Faber: When push comes to shove, Conor McGregor would be ‘happy to give up’

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According to Urijah Faber, when the going gets tough, Conor McGregor is the first one to look for a way out.

Although Conor McGregor may have proven to be a legitimate contender in the UFC's featherweight division, there is at least one fighter on the roster who believes the Irishman has a yellow streak.

During an interview with Fighthub.TV, Urijah Faber offered his thoughts on the Irish sensation. He immediately questioned McGregor's heart and explained that the submission losses on his record tell a clear story about the fighter.

Between the years 2008-10, McGregor suffered the two losses that blemished his record. The first was a kneebar submission to Artemij Sitenkov, while the second was an arm-triangle choke to recent UFC signee Joseph Duffy. While the more recent one was almost five years ago, Faber still believes that McGregor's survival instincts have not changed.

"He's a tough fighter but there is some give in him," Faber said. "Don't get it twisted, there are guys who have never given up. I think he's had to submit a couple of times. When push comes to shove and life is on the line, the guy would be happy to give up."

Asked about the highly anticipated UFC 189 main event between the brash Irishman and the longtime divisional kingpin, Jose Aldo, Faber needed only a couple of seconds to offer a concrete response.

"I think that Aldo is going to win that fight."