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Video: 911 call and police footage from Jon Jones' alleged hit and run

Listen to the 911 call and watch extensive scene footage from the alleged hit and run involving former UFC champion Jon Jones

Video has surfaced from the immediate aftermath of a three-car collision allegedly involving UFC star Jon Jones. This newly released footage includes scenes from the body-cam of the police officer, along with the audio of the 911 call from the incident.

"The guy just hopped off into a yard. The guy that's getting out of the SUV, he took off running. He's jumping over fences," the caller said on the 911 audio. "He's going towards a gated community."

The police footage from the scene also showed the victim being interviewed about the crash.

"I was going on a green light. He was running a red light. I remember seeing him, but he just kept going," she told the police offer.

Also seen on the clip are officers going through the wrecked SUV and finding papers from the Athletic Commission, cash, condoms, and a marijuana pipe. Jones has been released from custody after posting bail, and faces possible charges from leaving the scene of an accident involving death or personal injury.

Following this incident on late April, the UFC stripped Jones of his title and suspended him indefinitely. Daniel Cormier has since won the vacant light heavyweight championship.