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Female UFC fighter beats up 'dirtbag' who allegedly sexually harasses friend

UFC fighters Leslie Smith and Heather Clark were involved in an altercation outside a San Francisco club after a man allegedly sexually harasses their friend.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

So it seems like there's a man who not only made a very poor decision to harass a group of women outside a San Francisco club, he also decided to spit at and throw a punch at one of them. What he didn't know is that certain female happens to be a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

According to Cesar Gracie, UFC fighters Leslie Smith and Heather Clark were with a group of friends about to enter a club when an unnamed man grabbed one of their friend's asses. Smith would then confront the man about his actions, which only led to the guy taking a swing at the 135 pound fighter.

You probably have an idea on how this sort of altercation would end up, but I'll let Gracie explain his pupil's entire side of the story:

"Dirtbag decides to sexually harass group of females. What he didn't know was that 2 of the women were MMA fighters currently in the UFC.

While going out to a club in San Francisco, a malcontent male decided to cop a feel of a female entering the club. The female turned to her friend, current UFC fighter, Leslie Smith and exclaimed, "that guy just grabbed my a$$". Leslie approached the man and said, "hey you can't do that" at which point the larger male responded, "f@ck you I can do whatever I want"

Leslie retorted, no muthaf@cker you can't"

At this point the man became irate and spat on Leslie's face. He then proceeded to take a punch at what he thought would be an indefensible woman.


Leslie ducked the punch and shot in for a takedown. She quickly got to the mans back and applied a choke but decided he needed some elbow strikes and punches to learn a valuable lesson. The man unable to fend off the better fighter, desperately grabbed at Leslie's hair and in vain resorted to fighting like a girl.

Approaching the melee was Leslie's friend and Meisha Tate training partner, UFC fighter Heather Clark.

Heather, without missing a beat, delivered a running soccer kick to the man's nether regions.

Leslie again achieved mount and delivered a series of elbows until the man, now having his face looking more like hamburger meat, yelled out that he was sorry and that he respected them. At this point Leslie disengaged and allowed the man to get up and go. He left having learned a valuable lesson and the women returned to the club."

Smith also provided a separate comments on the incident herself:

"I'd be second guessing myself and my judgement if I had been drinking but I wasn't. I can't say I would be able to avoid the violence if given the chance to play it out. I was morally compelled to tell the man that my friend's butt (in a pair of jean btw) was not public property for him to grope at will and then he spit and swung on me. I feel like I stuck to my policy of non initiation of violence while also standing up for what I know is right."

"Thanks everyone, I never meant to fight him but I couldn't let my friend get disrespected like that and he escalated it from there. I make mistakes but I try (and sometimes fail) to live by a policy of non initiation of violence."

Smith, who interestingly enough is nicknamed the 'peacemaker', is 7-6-1 in her career. She was a former Invicta flyweight title contender and has a UFC win over Ronda Rousey's teammate in Jessamyn Duke.

She was last seen in the Octagon in a gruesome fight that ended in a Doctor's stoppage, where she still wanted to continue competing despite a badly torn cauliflower ear.