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Metamoris 6 complete results: Josh Barnett submits Ryron Gracie

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Josh Barnett notched another submission win at Metamoris 6, this time tapping short-notice opponent Ryron Gracie with a toehold. In other action UFC veteran Chael Sonnen and Babalu Sobral battled to a draw and Dillon Danis submitted Joe Lauzon.

Metamoris 6 featured an usual amount of pre-fight shenanigans when it was closed to media and fans. In the main event former UFC Heavyweight champ Josh Barnett defeated Ryron Gracie by toehold submission. UFC vets Chael Sonnen and Babalu Sobral grappled to a draw. UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon was submitted via d'arce choke by Dillion Danis.

Barnett had originally been set to grapple Cyborg Abreu who pulled out with an injury.

Here's Luke Thomas' live blog from MMA Fighting for the main event complete results are below:

The two hand fight and work various collar ties to start. Snapdown from Barnett plans Ryron on the ground. Josh working from an open half guard, but total pressure on the collar with underhooks. Ryron nearly gets full guard from an attemped sweep, but Barnett reverses direction and and passes. Ryron, though, recaptures half. Barnett attempts mount, but Ryron recaptures half guard. Ryron shucks him off and nearly grabs an ankle, but Barnett drives weight down to sprawl out. Ryron, though, locks up full guard.

Ryron's trying to control Barnett's posture, but it's a back-and-forth battle. Barnett stands to break the guard and does. He threatens the knee cut, but changes directions and goes the other way. From behind, Ryron tries to land an inverted triangle choke, but Barnett escapes and tries to roll through for a toehold, which works.

Metamoris 6 complete results:

Josh Barnett def. Ryron Gracie via toehold
Chael Sonnen vs. Babalu Sobral ends in a draw
Dillon Danis def. Joe Lauzon via d'arce choke
Zande Ribeiro vs. Keenan Cornelius ends in a draw
Clark Gracie vs. Roberto Satoshi ends in a draw
Evandro Nunes vs. Jimmy Friedrich ends in a draw
Michael Liera, Jr. vs. Morgan Neidlinger ends in a draw
Francisico Iturralde def. Greg McIntyre via straight armbar