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Jenna Jameson is 'obsessed' with Conor McGregor

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Tito Ortiz's ex-wife Jenna Jameson recently shared her new obsession for another MMA fighter - Conor McGregor.

UFC 189 featherweight title challenger Conor McGregor can add one more "celebrity" fan to his growing legion of followers - Jenna Jameson. The former adult film star and ex-wife of current Bellator fighter Tito Ortiz was recently interviewed on Paw The Main Event, and shared her adoration for MMA and McGregor in particular:

"I have been one of the most hardcore MMA fans ever. I watched it from the very beginning. I mean back to like Butterbean days, (Don) Frye. I'm a huge fan. I was a big Tito Ortiz fan. I just loved the whole idea of his craziness, of how he would really talk smack. I have respect for that.

That's why I am such a big fan of Conor McGregor now. I'm obsessed with him."

She also stated that he has the "heart of a lion" while discussing his UFC 189 bout with champion Jose Aldo.

That fight takes place on July 11th in Las Vegas, and Dana White says the gate for the show will do seven million dollars.