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Mark Hunt on Stipe Miocic: ‘I’m knocking his lips off’

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UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt plans to knock Stipe Miocic out on Saturday night in Adelaide.

With just one win in his last four Octagon outings, Mark Hunt is in a slightly worrisome position in the heavyweight division. While he may be a fan favourite fighting in a criminally shallow heavyweight division, that does not mean he won't be looking to defeat one of the rising talents in the division.

Hunt revealed that he is in good shape ahead of his first fight of the year but may have a slight issue with his weight cut since he seemingly added too much muscle.

"I'm kind of hot and hungry, but I've trained really well," Hunt told Submission Radio. "The camp's gone really good, but I think I put on more muscle than I should have. That's why I'm having the issue with the weight cut now. I'm feeling really good. I don't look really good, but I feel really good."

However, Hunt does not expect much hindrance from his weight cut woes and still plans to produce an emphatic finish to the fights in Adelaide.

"How we're going to entertain the fans is what we always do, and that's put on a great show for the fans so they get their money's worth. We ain't running nowhere. Well I ain't (laughs).

"He's going to come to fight and so am I. I've always come to fight and regardless of the circumstances, I always wanna win it, and I'm knocking his lips off."

In fact, Hunt plans to search for submission openings, as well as knockouts during their main event encounter.

"I can win either way. It depends on where it goes or where he wants to take it. If it goes to the ground, then you know, [I'll be] looking for a submission there or just knocking him out. I'm always trying to win by knocking somebody out. It's my forte."

Transcription taken from Submission Radio.