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The Kickboxing Vivisection - Glory 21: Levin vs. Marcus picks, odds, & analysis

Zane Simon and John Joe O'Regan take you through everything you need to know for the main card of Glory 21 San Diego, this Friday night.

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Glory kickboxing is back with another solid night of action on Spike TV this Friday night. Fans who tune in will get a pretty solid night of fights that promises to be action filled and entertaining, even if it's short on name value (and possibly lacking in some technical skill). There's a 4-man one-night heavyweight tournament featuring three gigantic dudes and one slightly more normal sized dude. There's a showcase fight for awesome Karate stylist Raymond Daniels, and there's a super-legit middleweight title fight for Glory Champion Artem Levin, facing one of the few men to best him in the ring, Simon Marcus.

That first fight took place under Muay Thai rules, where Marcus' stylistic advantages really shown, under glory kickboxing rules, however, it's expected to be an entirely different fight... But, that's better left for the video itself, which you'll have to watch if you want all the insight on Friday's fight card. And of course, if you can't seem to get our Ooyala player to work, you can watch the whole show over on YouTube. While you're there, remember to give it a "like" and to subscribe to MMANATIONDOTCOM.

If you want an audio only version, it's right here.

And, here's the card, with odds from

Artem Levin (-200) vs Simon Marcus (+163)
Raymond Daniels (-1200) vs. Justin Baesman (+550)
Xavier Vigney (+200) vs. Maurice Jackson (+163)
Demoreo Dennis (+400) vs. Chi Lewis-Parry (-800)