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Fans and media not allowed into Metamoris VI

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If you want to know anything about Metamoris VI this weekend, you're going to need to order the PPV.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Metamoris is looking to expand their secretive nature. The grappling promotion has been known for having a "secret match" on each card, but now they've decided to not even let fans or media in to their next event. In addition, they're not even saying where the event will take place.

MMA Fighting reports that the only watch to watch Metamoris VI this weekend will be on pay-per-view, as the promotion is going with more of a studio setup:

"We are experimenting with a more intimate setting for our athletes in their participation and focusing our resources on the pay-per-view experience for fans worldwide," Gracie told in a statement.

This is certainly a different way of going about business, especially considering the MMA star power that is competing at the event - names like Chael Sonnen, Joe Lauzon, Renato Sobral, and Josh Barnett.

If you'd like to order the PPV, you can do so here for $29.99 or become a member for a monthly fee.