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Nick Diaz wants rematch with Silva, Pride yellow cards and ring instead of 'dog cage'

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Nick Diaz takes to Instagram to sound off on Anderson Silva and the UFC's policies.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Menacing UFC star Nick Diaz has been long overdue an enticing rant to reclaim his position in the media spotlight. The Stockton rascal sounded off on Instagram on a number of controversial topics. The former Strikeforce welterweight ruler feels he 'won the last fight by far' with Anderson Silva and has demanded that the UFC revise their current ruleset. Diaz would prefer to compete in a ring rather than a 'dog cage' and insists that stalling inside the Octagon should be punished with Pride style yellow cards. The 31-year-old feels as though the UFC rewards 'tag and hold' tactics rather than true mixed martial arts techniques upheld by Japanese MMA promotions.

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Nick Diaz fought Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in a bout that was riddled with controversy following the post-fight drug test results. Anderson Silva claimed a unanimous decision victory, but the former middleweight champ tested positive for performance enhancing drugs - androsterone and drostanolone. The fight also marked Nick Diaz's third drug testing failure for marijuana; the Stockton slugger also tested positive for marijuana metabolites in his bouts with Carlos Condit at UFC 143 and Takanori Gomi at Pride 33. It was recently announced that Diaz passed two out of three drug tests on the night of UFC 183 and the former 170 lb. contender is expected to challenge the irregular results with a New York based law firm.

The Californian has never been one to shy away from controversy, with both Diaz brothers frequently delivering verbal onslaughts towards fighters renown for edging out decision victories. The topic of a ring vs. cage is a debate that has engaged MMA aficionado's since the UFC's inception. Some prefer the traditional ropes, turnbuckle and canvas of Japanese organizations while many have become accustomed to the steel of the UFC's octagon over the years.

Nick Diaz (and Anderson Silva) is scheduled to stand before the NSAC later this month, where it is expected that he will be served with a hefty suspension for his repeat offenses.