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Video: Check out Conor McGregor's mansion in Las Vegas

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Conor McGregor flaunts his lavish lifestyle in Las Vegas for the weeks leading up to his clash with Jose Aldo at UFC 189.

Proud Irishman Conor McGregor has set foot on American soil. The sharp-tongued Dubliner will be spending the next two months in Las Vegas to prepare for featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo. In the weeks leading up to the fight, McGregor and his SBG teammates and coaches will be living in style. The 26-year-old took to twitter to showcase the luxurious 'MAC' mansion: a 7 bedroom, 12,000 square foot gated estate in the heart of Las Vegas:

Conor McGregor is fully embracing a 'King's' lifestyle. With the 145-pounder's recent surge of sponsorship deals; including the likes of ReebokBud Light and Monster Energy, it's no wonder The Notorious is splashing out on Las Vegas luxuries in preparation for Jose Aldo. McGregor will battle with the Brazilian for promotional gold at UFC 189 on July 11.

Click here for more information on the mansion.