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Rising Invicta featherweight prospect retires with lingering concussion symptoms

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It's a pretty rare day in MMA when a hyped rising prospect retires from the sport before ever making a real run for the top, but that's the position Veronica Rothenhausler has found herself in after suffering multiple concussions.

Esther Lin/Invicta FC

One of the recent topics to make its way into the MMA public eye are concussions, or rather, post concussion syndrome. Several notable UFC fighters have been forced out of the sport for increasingly long stretches of time due to the effects of concussions (usually suffered in training). Both TJ Grant and Chris Holdsworth have spent more than a year on the sidelines battling the symptoms. Not long ago, Mac Danzig retired, citing concussion concerns as one of his principal reasons.

Now, one of WMMA's rising talents is taking herself out of the sport, possibly for good, as Invicta featherweight Veronica Rothenhausler recently announced her retirement from MMA, following what she says was her 5th concussion, suffered in her most recent bout against Charmaine Tweet. The fight was just the second of Rothenhausler's pro career and her 5th overall.

Rothenhausler announced her retirement on Twitter:

She also spoke to MMAFighting about the onset of the most recent symptoms, the ones that finally pushed her to hang up her gloves. "I felt like I was having maybe a blood clot. I don't know what happened. It was super intense. I thought it was like dying, dude. It was gnarly."

Rothenhausler addressed the possibility of returning to fighting sometime down the road as well, essentially to tell fans, don't count on it: "I don't think that I'll compete again. When I sit down and think about it, is it worth me not living? The doctor said your next blow to the head could be the one and that's f*cked up to hear."

In the meantime, she apparently has a part time accounting job, while she goes back to school to get her geology degree, so it doesn't appear she'll be drifting into the realm of fighters who can't compete, but can't seem to leave the sport behind either.