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Carlos Condit wants title shot against Lawler or MacDonald: My performance speaks for itself

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Following a vicious performance on Saturday night, former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit stated his case for an immediate title shot against the UFC 189 co-main event winner.

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As a fighter who had not won a fight since August 2013 and was sidelined for over a year thereafter, Carlos Condit certainly fought as though he was making up for lost time. Faced with talented striker Thiago Alves in Saturday night's main event, Condit turned up the heat in the second round and produced a one-sided beating that morphed into a bloodbath.

It was a pair of elbows in the second round that caused much of the damage. From then on, the end was inevitable.

"I didn't exactly know what happened, but I felt (his nose break) on my elbow," Condit said. "I knew that he was hurt. I hurt him with the first rising elbow, then hurt him with the spinning back elbow. I could just feel the fight drained out of him after I hit him that first time."

Following his win, Condit staked his claim at a title shot in the welterweight division and revealed that he has his sights set on the winner of the UFC 189 co-main event between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald.

"I want whoever has the title in a couple months," Condit said. "Whether it's Rory (MacDonald) or whether it's Robbie Lawler, I want that guy."

The 31-year-old fighter's enthralling performance was just the latest in a long line of entertaining contests that Condit has been involved in.  From one-punch KOs to flying knee knockouts, Condit has proven to be an undeniable asset for the UFC.

"I think that my performance speaks for itself," Condit added. "I came out and I got the finish against Thiago Alves, who's one of the top strikers in the division."

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