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UFC Fight Night bonuses: Charles Oliveira pockets $100,000 in bonuses

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Charles Oliveira was awarded both a performance bonus and a ‘Fight of the Night’ award for his thrilling showcase against Nik Lentz. Check out the other winners below.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Following an incredible UFC 187 event last week, the UFC attempted to carry the momentum forth with a Fight Night event in Brazil. Unfortunately, the crowd was forced to endure a slew of humdrum fights and sedative pacing that has become standard on non-PPV cards in Brazil. Apart from the main event, which quickly moved from a timid affair to a bloodbath, and a handful of other fights, many of the contests on the card left much to be desired.

Charles Oliveira and Nik Lentz were featured in an enthralling co-main event featherweight bout that resulted in an easy ‘Fight of the Night' winner on the broadcast. The two competitors exchanged blows and attempted to assert their dominance in the grappling department, which resulted in a thrilling fight for the crowd in attendance and the viewers at home.

Rony Jason closed out the preliminary portion of the fight card with a beautiful triangle choke that forced Damon Jackson to tap in the opening round of their featherweight clash. The fight was an entertaining affair and culminated in a ground struggle as Jason attempted to lock in the triangle choke. Coming off a split decision loss to Robbie Peralta in a fight that took place over a year ago, it was impressive to see him return to the cage showing little to no ring rust.

Performance of the Night: Charles Oliveira and Rony Jason

Fight of the Night: Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz