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UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Alves full fight video highlights

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Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Alves main event.

Following a lackluster fight night event that featured only a handful of enthralling fights, the main event showcased the return of the ‘Natural Born Killer' Carlos Condit, who carved Thiago Alves a new face in the final fight of the night.

Check out Tim Burke's play-by-play for the fight:

Round 2 - Alves leads with what else? A leg kick. Big left from Condit drops Alves! Condit jumped into mount and opened up with punches. Alves rolled to his back and his nose is leaking bloody. Condit dropping hard elbows. Condit looked for a choke but Alves got up! There's more blood on Condit than there is on Alves. Alves is still throwing bombs. Another hard shot connects for Condit. Elbow! Takedown. Condit rotated around and looked for the choke again. Back to mount. Now half, dropping rights. Alves is showing major heart by surviving this. Alves back up again. Wow. Jabs to the broken nose from Condit. Standing elbow. Head kick from Alves. Spinning elbow from Condit! Round ends. Wow. 10-8 Condit.