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UFC Fight Night 67: Condit vs. Alves results and post-fight analysis

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Tim B. takes a look back at tonight's UFC Fight Night 67 card, which was clunky at times but featured great fights in the main and co-main event slots.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Condit came back from over a year off to face Thiago Alves in the main event of UFC Fight Night 67 with a lot of questions hanging over his head. How would he look after suffering a major knee injury? He's been in a lot of wars over the years. Would he still have the viciousness? The mobility? The technical acumen?

The answer is yes. To all of them.

Condit is still the Natural Born Killer. He looks like one of the scariest guys in the world when he enters the cage, and he backs up that fearsome reputation by being an absolute animal when the fight starts. It's not unusual to see a pic of Condit covered in someone else's blood, and once the pics from tonight's show surface there will be a bunch more to add to the collection. Courtesy of Alves' busted nose.

After a first round that Alves probably took, Condit scored with a shot that blew Alves' nose to smithereens early in the second. And then he went into second gear, destroying his opponent with elbows. Alves showed a ton of tenacity for continuing to fight, but once Condit scored with a beautiful spinning elbow at the end of the round, you knew that the fight could be coming to a conclusion soon. And after the round ended a doctor did exactly that, awarding Condit the TKO victory.

He's still got it, folks.

  • How great was the co-main event bout between Nik Lentz and Charles Oliveira? Both men did a lot of damage and kept a ridiculously high pace for the entire fight. Oliveira's guillotine finish was a thing of beauty, but Lentz showed me more tonight in defeat than he has in a lot of his wins. Excellent, excellent fight.
  • Alex Oliveira is pretty damn good. The quickness he showed to get that choke on K.J. Noons was very nice, and he could have a bright future in the UFC.
  • How did Ryan Jimmo continue after that ball shot? I would call in sick to work for a month if that happened to me. Regardless, neither him nor Francimar Barroso showed a single ounce of urgency for the entire fight and it was utterly terrible. Fire everybody.
  • There was a lot of discussion on Twitter about how the Francisco Trinaldo/Norman Parke decision was some sort of robbery. I didn't see it that way at all. It featured two very obvious rounds (one each way) and one very close round (the first). It was just a tough call, not a robbery.
  • An Englishman that speaks Portuguese? And he's a good fighter to boot? That's the UFC's dream employee. Darren Till, get ready to be used a lot.
  • The undercard was decent. Rony Jason's triangle win was pretty nice. Jussier Formiga looked good, but not to the point that he should be in the conversation for a flyweight title fight. I personally had Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos beating Nicolas Dalby, but it was close. And Dalby even looked like he was shocked that he won. Mirsad Bektic is a beast, and is justifiably one of the best prospects in his weight class. Juliana Lima's fight was dreadfully boring, and featured some weird scoring. And nice debut from Tom Breese.