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UFC Fight Night 67 results: Carlos Condit stops Thiago Alves

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Carlos Condit put a beating on Thiago Alves and earned a doctor stoppage win in the main event of UFC Fight Night 67.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Condit still has it. The former UFC interim and WEC welterweight champion had been out for over a year with a major knee injury, but he came into UFC Fight Night 67 and most definitely got the job done. Opponent Thiago Alves showed a lot of heart, but the damage to his nose was just too much.

Alves got off to a good start, likely taking the first round with hard leg kicks and overall control. Condit came out a different man in the second though, breaking Alves' nose with a hard elbow. He took Alves down and brutalized him with elbows and punches, ending up with a ton of his opponents blood all over him. It wouldn't be a Condit fight if he didn't have some blood on him though.

Alves showed grittiness by continuing to get up and fight back, even landing a couple of hard shots on Condit. But Condit landed a hard takedown late and looked for a choke before the horn.

In between rounds, the doctor came in and looked at Alves' still-leaking nose. It was deemed that he had taken too much damage, so the fight was waved off and Condit was awarded a TKO victory.