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Conor McGregor on the uniqueness of UFC 189 and how to stay humble with newfound wealth

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UFC featherweight title challenger Conor McGregor was featured in a 20 minute exclusive interview where he discussed his upcoming fight, his fame and how he remains mentally strong.

The most anticipated PPV event of the year is less than two months away, which is why chose to conduct a 20-minute interview with one half of the UFC 189 main event in Conor McGregor.

Currently situated in Las Vegas, McGregor rented a mansion so that he and his teammates would have a place to train while in the United States. He spoke about the importance of leaving his home in Dublin to focus on himself ahead of the fight, as well as why he selected an ostentatious residence as his home base ahead of the contest.

McGregor also delved into his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, as well as why the UFC struck gold by signing him to the promotion. He later spoke about UFC 189 and why it will be like no event prior to it.

Watch the entire interview above.