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Erick Silva says he will lose about 12,000 dollars a month under new Reebok deal

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Erick Silva talks about how the new Reebok deal with the UFC will affect his sponsorship money and wishes to get a better contract after his upcoming fight against Rick Story.

Erick Silva
Erick Silva
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The new Reebok deal with the UFC keeps on dissatisfying fighters all over the roster.  Complaints about losing money with the new payment method still is the main reason for such disagreement and for welterweight Erick Silva, the impact was hard.

According to Silva, he will lose about 40,000 Reais per month because of the new arrangement, which converts roughly to 12,000 Dollars, as he revealed to Globo Esporte.

"The UFC changed the way they will pay their fighters with this new Reebok deal, so my manager and I sat down to do the math and it turns out we will lose a lot of money. We will lose 40,000 Reais every month. This is too harsh for those of us with a lot of sponsors, because it will restrict sponsors a lot, and they don't want to pay an amount they wouldn't pay if they weren't going to be exposed on fight night, which is when they get the most exposure."

As rough as the turn of events might be for Silva, he remains optimistic about his future. His upcoming fight against Rick Story is the last one on his contract, so he wishes to squeeze out a better deal from Joe Silva when the time comes to sign a new one.

"My manager and I have been talking to Joe Silva in order to find a way to recover this money. Since it's the last fight on my contract, I want do really well, so that I can recover that money we lost in a different way. We have this plan, and the talks are going well. It's hard, but we keep on trying."

Silva is scheduled to face Story in the co-main event of the The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 4 Finale, in Hollywood, Florida, on June 27. The event will be headlined by middleweights Lyoto Machida and Yoel Romero.