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Watch the full Eddie Bravo Invitational 3 Event

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The EBI 3 Welterweight tournament went down in March, but if you missed it Eddie Bravo posted the whole thing on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The Eddie Bravo Invitational, or EBI, is one of the many new professional Submission Only events that are very much in vogue right now in the jiu jitsu world. The EBI has a fun counter culture feel to it both in the context of grappler and larger society. This grappling event draws on a much broader section of the jiu jitsu community that many other jiu jitsu events and the result is a great variety in styles and very face-paced matches.

Their third invitational went down in March, and Eddie Bravo himself has posted it on YouTube so anyone who missed it can enjoy what turned out to be an excellent night of grappling.

The basic rules are pretty simple: all submissions are allowed, use any one of them to submit your opponent inside of ten minutes. Matches that go to overtime have their own rules, which I covered in the event preview here. If you beat an opponent in regulation you get some extra money put into your prize pot, but to collect that money you have to win the whole thing.

If you don't mind spoilers here is a link to the results of the event so you can navigate your way to the prime matches.

If you want to watch it without knowing results here are the competitors and bracket:

The competitions use MMA weight classes, but does same-day weigh ins to avoid massive weight cutting. The competitor list for the Welterweight tournament is below, the entire thing is headlined by Garry Tonon, leg lock and funky grappling master and fast rising American grappling star.

Garry Tonon, Ocean County Jiu Jitsu - EBI Welterweight Champion, Metamoris and ADCC veteran

Darragh O'Conaill, Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu
Eddie Cummings, Renzo Gracie Academy - 2015 Gracie Nationals Super-Fight Champion
Enrico Cocco, Zen Jiu Jitsu/Fight Sports
Joey Hauss, Jean Jacques Machado Academy
Josh Hinger, Atos
Josh Valles, Gracie Barra Pasadena
Julio Cordova, Renzo Gracie Mexico
Karen Darabedyan, Gokor
Lauri Karppinen, 10th Planet Tampere
Javier Vazquez, former UFC Fighter and Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt
Matthew Secor, Spa City Jiu-Jitsu
Mike Padilla, Renzo Gracie Academy
Nathan Orchard, 10th Planet Portland - EBI Lightweight Silver Medalist
Richie Martinez, 10th Planet San Diego
Stephen Martinez, Millennia MMA

Here is the Welterweight bracket

EBI WW Bracket