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Correia says she can KO Rousey with 'two punches', hopes 'she doesn't commit suicide'

Bethe Correia says it shouldn't take more than two punches to show the world Ronda Rousey has no MMA game, and she is willing to prove that at UFC 190.

Bethe Correia
Bethe Correia
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Bethe Correia is stepping up her trash talk game in Goiania. During an autograph session to promote UFC Fight Night 67 this Saturday, the female bantamweight title challenger also answered to some questions from her fans. When asked what she would do in order to defeat such a dominant champion like Ronda Rousey, Correia had a short answer for them, as it was reported by Combate.

"I promise you. I will beat Ronda and I will only need two punches to knock her out. One to rip off her mole and the other to actually knock her out.  You better believe it," said Correia.

In another interview to the Brazilian press, in Las Vegas, Correia had already stated she believes Ronda has a weak mentality and is eager to prove that to the world in their fight.

"I want to demoralize her, show the world she has no MMA game," Combate reported. "She doesn't have a good mindset, she needs to get help. There are a lot of people around her, because she is winning, when she realizes she is not all that, I don't even know what could happen. I hope she doesn't commit suicide."

Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia are scheduled to square off in Rio de Janeiro for the women's bantamweight title at UFC 190 on August 1 in Rio de Janeiro.

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