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Daniel Cormier says Ryan Bader 'should go get beat up by Anthony Johnson'

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Daniel Cormier continues to criticize Ryan Bader on The MMA Hour.

The war of words between Daniel Cormier and Ryan Bader wages on as the newly crowned light heavyweight champ continues to antagonize Bader on The MMA Hour. Ryan Bader gatecrashed the UFC 187 post-fight press conference on Saturday to call out DC for a title shot...problem was, no one could hear him. Bader's words fell on deaf ears as Cormier took to the microphone on center stage and began hurling abuse at the LHW contender. "Get your ass outta here, this is my press conference," Cormier said. The former Olympian explained the situation to Ariel Helwani when he compared Bader to brash Irishman, Conor McGregor:

"Ryan is learning from the Conor McGregor playbook of building a fight. What is up with Bader? I don't mind Ryan Bader thinking he deserves a title shot. I understand. Ryan, through the process of elimination you're pretty safe, buddy. You don't have to come and interrupt a press conference," Cormier said on The MMA Hour.

The AKA standout then suggested that Ryan Bader should "go get beat up by Anthony Johnson" after he's been disposed of in a title fight:

"I think after I beat Ryan Bader, he should have to go get beat up by Anthony Johnson for being so disrespectful to Anthony Johnson. Because he was acting as if I beat Anthony before we even fought. He's calling me for a title shot and I'm like, ‘Hey I gotta worry about Anthony Johnson. I'm over here worried about Anthony and you're trying to call me out.' That right hand that Anthony Johnson about knocked me out of the Octagon with Ryan Bader would have not gotten up from and I think that's his punishment."

Daniel Cormier emerged as the new 205 lbs. champion after he submitted Anthony Johnson in the third round at UFC 187. With the trash talk ping-ponging back and forth between Cormier and Bader, it's likely we'll see the two square off for promotional gold in the near future.