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Ronda Rousey on 'dream' match ups: Bryan Caraway's really annoying, it'd be fun to beat him up

Ronda Rousey took a shot at Miesha Tate's coach and partner, Bryan Caraway while talking bout hypothetical dream match ups in the UFC.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Ronda Rousey did a live Q&A in Los Angeles, and one of the questions asked was about a hypothetical dream match up against any UFC fighter if there were no restrictions and wasn't bound in reality. The UFC bantamweight champ gave a pretty interesting answer.

"Dream world like skills-wise or annoying me-wise?" Rousey replied during the Wall Street Journal event, as transcribed by David St. Martin. "Does size count? Could we just go from anybody's skills?"

"Like dream match. Skills-wise, I would love to see where I would go with Jon Jones because he's the one most able to improvise within a match, which is something I really pride myself on. I think we'd do some crazy ninja stuff."

"And then Bryan Caraway's really annoying. It would be fun to beat him up, but plenty of other people have gotten that pleasure before me, apparently."

Caraway and Tate have been trading barbs with Rousey for a while now, with the bantamweight champ most recently saying that Bryan has been bad for Miesha's career. The war of words between these UFC bantamweights have escalated to the point that even Joe Rogan chimed in saying he'd be down to see a fight between Caraway and Rousey if both fighters really wanted it.

Rousey is currently set to defend her title against Bethe Correia, while the top 10 ranked Carawy is set to face Eddie Wineland.