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Tweet of the Day: Nate Diaz smoking weed with Cypress Hill's B-Real

Nate Diaz says he was in a hot box with Cypress Hill's B-Real.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

UFC lightweight Nate Diaz hasn't competed since December of last year, where he lost a lopsided decision to eventual champ Rafael Dos Anjos. The former title contender shared a glimpse on how he has been spending his down time on social media, recently posting that he has been 'chillin' with Cypress Hill rapper B-Real.

The same photo was also posted on B-Real's instagram page with the following caption: "Here with the homie @natediaz209 backstage at #caliroots !!! You can see the aftermath of the chief session in our eyes .. Lol shout out to the homie ... #natediaz #mma #breal aka#drgreenthumb #cypresshill #brealtv"

Apart from his music career, B-Real also has an online channel based on marijuana programming such as the "Dr. Greenthumb Show" and "The Smoke Box". He was with Diaz at the Cali Roots Reggae Festival, and here's a sample of the stuff they were smoking there.

This seems like good fun and all, but has anyone told the Diaz brothers about the new insane punishments on failing marijuana tests in Nevada yet?