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Frank Trigg on UFC's Reebok Deal: If you don't like it, go someplace else

Frank Trigg spoke about the UFC's uniform deal with Reebok.

Frank Trigg is going to be inducted to the UFC Hall of Fame 'fight' wing for his classic title bout against Matt Hughes. That was the main talking point when the former top contender appeared on Submission Radio, but he did also tackle a bunch of interesting topics as well. One of those being the recent Reebok deal which numerous fighters have been vocal about.

According to Trigg, if you're one of those complaining, just find somewhere else to compete in.

"The fighters can complain all they want. If they don’t like it then leave. Go someplace else."

"You don’t get what you deserve. Athletes don’t get what they deserve. Every athlete deserves at least two or three times more than they're actually getting paid from their promotion, or from their team, or from whatever," Trigg continued. "The reality of it is, you get what you negotiate. And these guys are negotiating, and this is part of the negotiation deal that these Reebok deals will be a part of their deal, a part of their contract now."

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The problem with his statement though, is that fighters never really had a say in any of these things. The entire dynamic of sponsorships and the way the fighters earned their pay changed completely and none of them had a say in it. Can they find a better deal if or when they get out of their UFC contracts? Maybe, but it's certainly not easy or even possible for most fighters.