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Rockhold believes Belfort was still cheating; I’m happy he ‘got what he deserved’

UFC middleweight fighter Luke Rockhold discusses Vitor Belfort’s loss to Chris Weidman.

On Saturday night, Vitor Belfort returned the Octagon for the first time since late 2013 to try his hand at becoming just the third two-division champion in UFC history. However, it took less than an entire round for Weidman to overcome the ‘Phenom' and put an end to the proceedings.

Prior to his loss, Belfort had compiled a three-fight win streak that included a head-kick knockout of Luke Rockhold.'s Ariel Helwani spoke with Luke following the UFC 187 broadcast to gauge his thoughts on the encounter. Given Rockhold's sour history with Belfort, his response was typically blunt.

"As nice as it would have been to fight Vitor, get my hands on some chicken neck, I wish nothing good for him," Rockhold said. "He doesn't deserve it. I wanted to see Vitor get beat up. I'm happy he got what he deserved."

According to Rockhold, Belfort's initial burst against Weidman would have been enough to finish the job had he still been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

"Had Vitor come out with his initial steroid burst, the fight would have been over. But he didn't look the same, even though he was still cheating."

He also suggested that Belfort was still able to cycle off certain substances.

"I truly believe that. Test results don't come out like that. Testosterone doesn't fluctuate for an older man like that. It is not if he's cheating, it's how much is he cheating. To look like that and still be using is pretty sad, man."