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UFC 187: Weidman vs. Belfort full fight video highlights

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Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC 187 co-main event between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort.

UFC 187 produced a fantastic night of action, which featured a co-main event middleweight title fight between champion Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort.

Check out Anton Tabuena's play-by-play for the third round:

Round 1: Weidman takes center cage. Throws a high kick. Weidman is cutting off the cage. Belfort circling away. Weidman shoots and misses, wild scramble ensues! Belfort lands as Weidman slips on his ass. They stand and Belfort lands and hurts Weidman! Belfort opens up. Tons of uppercuts. Weidman is hurt! Weidman survives. Belfort lets him off the hook. Weidman gets a take down. Weidman on top. Belfort gives up his back! Weidman gets mount. Opens up on Belfort. Vitor trying to punch back instead of defending. It's over! Weidman comes back and wins!